Lesson 1: Present Tense, Imperative, Articles  (Estimated time: 3-4 hours)
  Step 1:
  Sign-up for the Pre-AP Class on Wordchamp
if you have not already done so.  Follow
these instructions:
Wordchamp Pre French 4 Instructions
  Step 2:
  Complete List 1 (Review words) on
List 1 (Due Friday July 16)
  Step 3:
  Complete the Present Tense Review Activity.
 If you receive a grade of 90% or better, skip
to Step 5.
Present Tense Review Activity
  Step 4:
  Review the formation of the Present Tense
by clicking on the Present Tense Review
Page. After you have reviewed the Present
Tense, retake the Present Tense Review
Present Tense Review Page

Present Tense Review Activity
  Step 5:
  Review the formation of the Imperative
Mood by clicking on the link:
Imperative Mood (Source: UT Austin)
  Step 6:
  Review the use of definite and indefinite
articles by clicking on these links:
Definite Articles (Source: UT Austin)

Indefinite Articles (Source: UT Austin)
  Step 7:
  Listening Comprehension.  Click on the link
to the right to watch the first episode of the
famous French Soap Opera "Sous le Soleil."
Sous le Soleil: Episode 1, Part 1
  Step 8:
  Writing.  Click on the link to the right for your
first writing assignment.
Writing 1
  Step 9:
  Take the Lesson Quiz by clicking on the Link.
 Do NOT proceed to the next lesson until you
are able to achieve a score of 90% or better!
Lesson 1 Quiz
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